Investing in ideas that
move the world forward

We accelerate companies and increase value with design that deliver frontier experiences to the world.

Doberman Forward is the investment arm of the international design firm Doberman. We work as an accelerator, helping frontier companies grow fast by investing in their product and service experience.

Doberman Forward provides funding, guidance and direct access to Doberman’s global team and network of designers, engineers and business expertise.

We make four to five investments every year in companies with a passionate team, an innovative product or technology and a thrilling business model.

  • A great adventure

    The full story about how and why we founded Forward

    "As a Design Firm, we navigate the force-field between business objectives, user needs and avant-garde tech every day. We have been doing it for 20 years, and that makes us good at leading a design and development process that doesn’t compromise on quality or elegance in the product. That has been recognized by many startups that understand we are the perfect partner in bringing their tech and business model to life. Whether it be in products, business, brands, or services, we will help cut through the noise and attract their future customers." Read the full Article here:

    Investing passion and capital

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