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Doberman Forward is the investment arm of the international design firm Doberman. We work as an accelerator, helping frontier companies grow fast by investing in their product and service experience. Doberman Forward provides funding, guidance and direct access to Doberman’s global team and network of designers, engineers and business expertise.

We make four to five investments every year in companies with a passionate team, an innovative product or technology and a thrilling business model. Some of our latest investments are...


Your personal AI coach.

Based on AI research from Swedish Insitute of Computer Science and originally developed together with the Swedish National Skiing team, Racefox - the virtual AI coach expands into running, along with Doberman. Racefox and Doberman have set the goal to make the smart tech available, relevant and usable for everyone, from the elite runner to the everyday athlete that wants to develop their technique, improve their results and avoid injuries. The company is about to release their new product Racefox Run internationally where Doberman will become a design partner to lift the brand, product design and, user experience.

The interest in run-tech is growing rapidly. With Racefox's world-leading technology already being appreciated by elite runners and skiers alike, it's time to offer AI-coaching to a broader target group.


Designing for healthcare

Ivbar was founded on the idea that making medical data and advanced analysis methods available for medical staff would improve public health, reduce medical costs and improve the work environment for those working in healthcare. With its release in 2016, the platform “Era Vision” provides one of the most powerful big data analysis tools in the medical sector, aiding both buyers and providers to make informed decisions about what treatments and best practices that gives the best results, best security and fastest recovery. With the rising need to deliver the best possible healthcare to a growing number of patients on a global market, the need for Ivbar's analysis tools is vast.

Doberman believes the collaboration with Ivbar will show how design can bring value to a complex offer, how digital tools can bring simplicity and benefits to the healthcare sector.


Step 1 - pick up the guitar
Step 2 - be a rockstar

Zoundio has developed a unique sound technology that analyse music and breaks it down into chords in real time. It allows you to play along with any song in harmony with the music. It’s Augmented Reality for sound.

The first time we put on earphones, plugged them into our smartphone and tested the core product, tears filled our eyes. You hear yourself playing perfectly tuned electric guitar in harmony with the music. Zoundio’s technology will revolutionise how we interact, learn and engage in the music we love.

The first commercial product Amped is targeted to anyone who wants to learn to play guitar, and to sound like a rock star from the very first time they pick up their instrument.

Connects you with your audience

Social Media is changing rapidly, what used to be social is increasingly becoming a monologue. Artists, creators, entrepreneurs, or people who simply cares about their network, are not getting any closer to their peers, or fans. Building personal relationships, leveraging and growing a network in a meaningful way, easily gets lost in the noise of social media.

As an artist and entrepreneur, Ryan Leslie wanted to get closer to his audience. While building his sms based platform, SuperPhone, from the ground up, he saw the power of personal communication vs blasting out a monologue on social media. Simply by texting a thank you to people who supported him, or having one-on-one sms conversations with local fans where he was playing that same night, he was not only creating important bonds with his fans, but he was also owning the data that each individual would generate. With that data at hand, SuperPhone connects people in a meaningful way through sms. The concept is as genius and powerful as it is simple.

Doberman was instantly intrigued by Ryan’s vision to bring people closer to each other, for networks to become more meaningful and for people in the periphery to potentially having a great impact on each other’s lives.

The only app you need for a safer pregnancy.

Bonzun’s vision is to create a world where women feel secure and safe during their pregnancies. No mother or child should suffer or die from preventable causes. We are happy to be partners with Bonzun and support them in the mission to empower pregnant women with knowledge and solutions that will improve health and save lives.

China is the pilot market with a vast need for knowledge and advice for pregnant women who are challenged with long distances to health care and access to modern maternity care. With the rapid growth in mobile internet usage, and with physicians and insurance companies that are ready to provide services on line through Bonzun, the potential is fantastic.


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